A high street brand with a distinct identity and a unique ethos, Afsaneh opened its doors to fashion enthusiasts in Lahore and Multan this week. The mega launch in Lahore, which we attended, attracted hundreds of women, many of who were decked in the brand’s first and already very popular first collection. Strands of motia hung from the ceiling and rose petals floated in small water bodies, all adding to the ethnic aesthetic of the store which, as you can imagine, smelt heavenly. The three-storey store is vast and quite engaging, with menswear and unstitched fabric in the basement, and ready to wear on the first and second floors. Interestingly, many women were seen buying the organic, soft toned menswear kurtas; Khadijah Shah was even seen wearing one. How are Khadijah Shah and Rehan Bashir involved in Afsaneh, is the question most people had on their minds. Khadijah, we all know, is the force behind Élan, which begins with those magnificent bridals and covers luxury pret as well as ready to wear as Élan Vital, Essentials, Indigene and accessories. There’s also Élan unstitched, which is that coveted lawn, and now most recently, ZAHA, Khadijah’s recently launched high street brand. We know Rehan Bashir as someone who has a deep rooted love for tradition; he’s a man with refined aesthetics and a love for history. Rehan joined Élan earlier this year as senior design head and since Élan is also creative consultant for Afsaneh, we have Rehan overlooking that as well.